Leicester Bank & Cash Point.


Nearby Cash Machine ATM 7 mile

   Barclays ATM Leicester Shires
   Lloyds TSB Leicester High Street
   Abbey Leicester 1 Cheapside
   Alliance & Leicester Leicester Clocktower
   Alliance & Leicester Leicester Horsefair Street
   HSBC ATM Leicester Gallowtree Gate 31 Gallowtree Gate Leicester
   Lloyds TSB Leicester Town Hall Square
   NatWest Leicester City (Self Service) 14-16 Haymarket
   Barclays ATM Leicester
   HSBC ATM Leicester Granby Street 31 Granby Street
   NatWest Leicester Granby Street 1 Granby Street
   HSBC Leicester
   Barclays Leicester Town Hall Square
   HSBC Leicester
   HSBC ATM Leicester Hinckley Road 11 Hinckley Road
   HSBC Leicester
   NatWest Leicester Hinckley Road 7 Hinckley Road
   HSBC Leicester
   Alliance & Leicester Leicester Woodgate
   Barclays Leicester Blackbird Road
   Barclays ATM Leicester
   HSBC ATM Leicester University Charles Wilson Building Leicester University
   HSBC Leicester
   NatWest University of Leicester Percy Gee Building
   Barclays Leicester Narborough Road
   Barclays ATM Leicester
   Lloyds TSB Leicester Fosse Road
   Lloyds TSB Leicester Narborough Road
   Lloyds TSB Leicester St Albans Road
   Alliance & Leicester Leicester Belgrave Road
   Barclays Leicester Belgrave Road
   Barclays ATM Leicester
   HSBC ATM Leicester Belgrave Road Belgrave Commercial Centre 160 Belgrave Road
   NatWest Leicester Melton Turn 2 Melton Road
   Barclays Leicester Evington Road
   Barclays ATM Leicester
   Lloyds TSB Leicester Cavendish Road
   Alliance & Leicester Leicester Narborough Road
   Barclays Leicester Clarendon Park Road
   Barclays ATM Leicester
   NatWest Leicester Queens Road 92 Queens Road
   NatWest Leicester Evington Road 145 Evington Road
   Alliance & Leicester Leicester Evington Road
   Lloyds TSB Leicester Evington Road
   Lloyds TSB Leicester Melton Road
   Barclays North Evington
   Barclays ATM North Evington
   NatWest North Evington 121a East Park Road
   Alliance & Leicester Beaumont Leys
   Barclays Birstall
   Barclays ATM Birstall
   Alliance & Leicester Birstall
   HSBC ATM Leicester Uppingham Road 289 Uppingham Road
   Lloyds TSB Leicester Uppingham Road
   NatWest Leicester Humberstone Park 186 Uppingham Road
   HSBC Leicester
   NatWest Birstall 659 Loughborough Road
   Barclays Thurmaston
   Barclays ATM Thurmaston
   Barclays Wigston
   Barclays ATM Wigston
   Lloyds TSB Leicester Humberstone Lane
   Lloyds TSB Wigston Magna
   HSBC ATM Wigston Magna 9 Leicester Road
   NatWest Leicester County Hall County Hall
   Alliance & Leicester Wigston
   NatWest Wigston Magna 8 Bell Street
   Alliance & Leicester Oadby
   Barclays Oadby
   Barclays ATM Oadby
   HSBC ATM Oadby 20 The Parade Leicester Road
   NatWest Oadby 5 The Parade
   HSBC Leicester
   Lloyds TSB Oadby
   HSBC ATM Anstey 37 The Nook Anstey Leicester
   NatWest Anstey 17 The Nook
   HSBC ATM Blaby 1 Forge Corner Enderby Road
   HSBC ATM Leicester Grove Park Lakeside 5AB Penman Way Narbrough Road
   HSBC Leicester
   Lloyds TSB Blaby
   Alliance & Leicester Blaby
   Barclays Enderby
   Barclays ATM Enderby
   HSBC Leicester
   Barclays Syston
   Barclays ATM Syston
   HSBC ATM Syston 1272 Melton Road
   Alliance & Leicester Syston

Nearby point of interest (POI)

  0.1mile Abbey Leicester 1 Cheapside
  0.1mile Barclays ATM Leicester Shires
  0.1mile GB-Goose On Hotel Street +44-116-26
  0.1mile GB-Castle Park Hotel +44-116-251100
  0.1mile Lloyds TSB Leicester High Street
  0.1mile GB-Case The +44 116 251 7675
  0.1mile GB-Opera House The +44 116 223 6666
  0.1mile WiFi Goose On Hotel
  0.1mile WiFi Square
  0.2mile Alliance & Leicester Leicester Cloc
  0.2mile Alliance & Leicester Leicester Hors
  0.2mile Barclays ATM Leicester
  0.2mile HSBC ATM Leicester Gallowtree Gate
  0.2mile Lloyds TSB Leicester Town Hall Squa
  0.2mile GB-Wygstons House Museum of Costume
  0.2mile NatWest Leicester City (Self Servic
  0.2mile GB-Newmans +44 116 254 2090
  0.3mile GB-Leicester Town Wall
  0.3mile GB-Leicester +44-870-4009048
  0.3mile HSBC ATM Leicester Granby Street 31
  0.3mile HSBC Leicester
  0.3mile GB-Magazine +44-116-2555889
  0.3mile GB-Newarke Houses +44-116-2254980
  0.3mile NatWest Leicester Granby Street 1 G
  0.3mile GB-Bistro Live Ltd +44 116 262 1212
  0.3mile GB-Leicester Grill +44 116 254 8808
  0.3mile GB-Watsons +44 116 222 7770
  0.3mile Club 147 +44 (116) 262-0942
  0.3mile WiFi Global Cafe Bar
  0.3mile WiFi Polar Bear
  0.3mile WiFi FonFan United Kingdom
  0.4mile GB-Leicester Castle
  0.4mile GB-Holiday Inn +44-870-4009048
  0.4mile GB-Holiday Inn +44-116-2531161
  0.4mile GB-Grand Hotel +44-116-2555599
  0.4mile GB-Travelodge +44-870-1911755
  0.4mile GB-Hamidiye Mosque
  0.4mile GB-Masjid Al Hudaa
  0.4mile GB-Jewry Wall Museum +44-116-225497
  0.4mile WiFi Jaceys
  0.4mile WiFi Quebec Bar
  0.4mile WiFi Ramada Jarvis Leicester
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