Lloyds TSB Wigston Magna


   Lloyds TSB GB-Wigston Magna

Nearby point of interest (POI)

  0.0mile HSBC ATM Wigston Magna 9 Leicester
  0.0mile Lloyds TSB Wigston Magna
  0.1mile Alliance & Leicester Wigston
  0.1mile Barclays Wigston
  0.1mile Barclays ATM Wigston
  0.1mile NatWest Wigston Magna 8 Bell Street
  0.1mile WiFi Bell Inn
  0.2mile M-30 GB
  0.3mile M-30 GB
  0.3mile M-30 GB
  0.3mile Petrol Station Moat Service Station
  0.7mile Best Western Hotel Leicester Stage
  0.7mile M-30 GB
  0.8mile GB-Stage Hotel +44-1166-2886161
  0.8mile GB-Stage Hotel +44-116-2886161
  0.8mile Jet Fuels Services +44 116 257 1391
  1.1mile WiFi FonFan United Kingdom
  1.2mile M-30 GB
  1.3mile M-30 GB
  1.3mile Shell Aberdale Rd-24hr
  1.3mile Shell Aberdale Rd
  1.5mile M-30 GB
  1.6mile Oadby Golf Club +44 116 270 9052
  1.7mile Alliance & Leicester Oadby
  1.7mile ASDA Oadby
  1.7mile Barclays ATM Oadby
  1.7mile HSBC ATM Oadby 20 The Parade Leices
  1.7mile HSBC Leicester
  1.7mile Lloyds TSB Oadby
  1.7mile RL-40 GB
  1.7mile WiFi Lord Keeper Of The Seal
  1.8mile Barclays Oadby
  1.8mile BP Oadby Filling Station
  1.8mile GB-Hermitage Hotel +44-116-2569955
  1.8mile GB-Gables Hotel +44-116-2706969
  1.8mile GB-Iceland Foods +44 116 271 2440
  1.8mile M-30 GB
  1.8mile NatWest Oadby 5 The Parade
  1.8mile Petrol Station Odeon Service Statio
  1.9mile GB-Regency Hotel +44-116-2709634
  1.9mile Petrol Station Odsey Service Statio
  1.9mile WiFi Grand Hotel
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