Shepton Mallet - Bank & Cash Point.


Nearby Cash Machine ATM 7 mile

   HSBC ATM Shepton Mallet 13 High Street
   Lloyds TSB Shepton Mallet
   NatWest Shepton Mallet 25 High Street
   HSBC Shepton Mallet

Nearby point of interest (POI)

  0.2mile GB-Shrubbery +44-1749-346671
  0.2mile GB-Shrubbery Hotel +44-1749-346671
  0.2mile HSBC ATM Shepton Mallet 13 High Str
  0.2mile HSBC Shepton Mallet
  0.2mile Lloyds TSB Shepton Mallet
  0.2mile Motorhome Parking Commercial Road S
  0.2mile NatWest Shepton Mallet 25 High Stre
  0.7mile M-30 GB
  0.7mile M-30 GB
  1.2mile GB-Thatched Cottage +44 1749 342058
  1.2mile Tesco Shepton Mallet
  1.4mile GB-Manleaze Caravan Park +44 (1749)
  1.4mile Manleaze Caravan Park Shepton Malle
  1.4mile GB-Charlton House Hotel +44-1749-34
  1.4mile GB-Tesco Filling Station +44 1749 3
  2.1mile Mendip Golf Club Ltd +44 1749 84057
  2.2mile M-60 GB
  2.3mile F-40 GB
  2.8mile M-30 GB
  2.9mile The Bull Terrier Croscombe +44 1749
  3.0mile Petrol Station -Fosse Way Garage +4
  3.1mile Seventh-day Adventist Church Crosco
  3.2mile F-50 GB
  3.2mile F-30 GB
  3.2mile M-30 GB
  3.5mile Petrol Station Keevil Engineering +
  3.6mile M-30 GB
  3.9mile M-40 GB
  4.1mile WiFi FonFan United Kingdom
  4.7mile Old Down Touring Park Emborough +44
  4.7mile F-50 GB
  4.7mile GB-Old Down Inn The +44 1761 232398
  4.9mile The Strode Arms West Cranmore +44 1
  4.9mile WiFi FonFan United Kingdom
  5.1mile Wells Golf Club Ltd +44 1749 675005
  5.1mile M-40 GB
  5.2mile F-30 GB
  5.6mile F-30 GB
  5.7mile F-50 GB
  6.0mile M-30 GB
  6.0mile GB-Ring O Roses +44 1761 232478
  6.2mile GB-Ston Easton Park +44-1761-241631
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